Reframing Autism Symposium – Autistic Flourishing

Our clinic director/principal speech pathologist Frances Brennan will be presenting at the Reframing Autism Symposium, an exploration of Autistic flourishing: Acceptance, authenticity, autonomy, to be held online on 5 November 2021.

In this Autistic-led, one-day online event, we will ask: what are the conditions for Autistic individuals to experience authentic, organic happiness? And what does flourishing authentically and Autistically actually look like? And how can we each take positive and proactive steps to foster flourishing across the lifespan for ourselves and our children or clients?

Held online via vFairs, the Symposium will provide a platform for Australian and international Autistic speakers (and one passionate non-autistic ally) to share their lived experience and expertise in identifying, fostering and maintaining Autistic flourishing. The single-stream program will offer papers addressing flourishing childhoods and flourishing adulthoods, including presentations on education, play, work and retirement.

Our confirmed Symposium speakers to date represent a diverse range of expertise and lived experience, including:

💚 Kristy Forbes (AUS): Flourishing with acceptance
💚 Frances Brennan (AUS): Flourishing through play
💚 Dr Kristie Patten (USA): Flourishing in therapy
💚 Ginny Grant (AUS): Flourising at home
💚 JayJay Mudridge (USA): Flourishing authentically
💚 Tim Chan (AUS): Flourishing after school
💚 Lyric Holmans (USA): Flourishing at work
💚 Dr Erin Bulluss (AUS): Flourishing socially
💚 Dr Wenn Lawson (AUS): Flourishing in retirement
💚 Dr Melanie Heyworth (AUS): Flourishing autonomously

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