Enroll Now for Term 3 Speech Sound Intensive Program!

Exciting News! The Speech Tree’s Speech Sound Intensive Program is now open for enrollment for Term 3, but spaces are filling up fast! If your child is facing challenges with speech sound production, don’t miss this opportunity to secure their spot in our highly effective program.

In just one school term, our program provides targeted intervention and support, specifically designed for children struggling with speech sound difficulties. This intensive program allows parents to focus on their child’s speech in a dedicated and impactful manner, leading to significant progress and lasting results.

What can you expect from our Term 3 Speech Sound Intensive Program? Each week, your child will attend engaging 45-minute intervention sessions facilitated by our qualified speech pathologists. These sessions are designed to be effective and enjoyable, utilising evidence-based therapy techniques. Alongside the intervention sessions, the program includes an assessment session, parent training, and a comprehensive handbook to guide you on your therapy journey.

Limited spaces are available in our program, so act quickly to secure your child’s place. Our qualified speech pathologists will develop individualised therapy plans based on your child’s assessment, ensuring that their specific needs are addressed. We understand that every child is unique, and our tailored approach aims to improve their speech sound production effectively.

At The Speech Tree, we firmly believe in the power of parental involvement. Throughout the program, we actively involve parents and equip them with techniques to continue therapy tasks at home, maximising your child’s progress. We create a collaborative and supportive environment for your child’s speech development.

To guarantee that our program is the right fit for your child, reach out to our dedicated Client Care Team to discuss their suitability. We want to ensure that our program aligns with your child’s goals and requirements. Please note that our program specifically focuses on speech sound production and may not address other issues.

Secure your child’s place in our highly sought-after Term 3 Speech Sound Intensive Program today! Enroll now or contact our Client Care Team for further assistance.