If you are thinking about how to tell your child or young person about coming to The Speech Tree, we have some ideas outlined below to get you started;

Speech Pathologists help children and young people who might be finding things a bit tricky. This can be different things, such as reading, saying words, making friends, following instructions etc. Speech Pathologists also do some testing to learn more about how you process or understand language or text, this can help them put together a plan to help you. We know that different brains work in different ways so this is a good way to learn about your brain and what works for you. If we know what you are good at – then the speech pathologist can use that to help you with things you might find difficult. At home/at school, we have noticed that you are finding it difficult to … (fill in the blank). Today, we are going to see [Clinician’s name] at The Speech Tree. Lots of people see speech pathologists, psychologists or OT’s. Is there anything you would like us to tell [Clinician’s name] before we go to visit them, or any questions we can ask for you?